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ScreensPro Android app

ScreensPro Android app

Written by Screenspro Team - 01/05/2012

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We have just started to build the ScreensPro Android app.... Bringing you the best of our screensavers as live wallpapers for Android! We have been testing samples all week, I can't tell you just how stunning these videos look as live wallpapers.

We will be bringing out two versions, a free app that has small banner adverts and a premium paid app, that is add free and has a few extra features. The app will work on phones and tablets (plus any other android device) and is looking really nice, if do say so myself.

We are hoping to launch in September or October and will add more news as we progress. We will be looking for testers, so if you love android apps and would like to help out, drop us a line.

Exciting times!

Deana Russell
Deana Russell says:2nd Jun 2012
Hi I cant wait big fan of live wallpapers!! if you need a tester I have the thunderbolt htc. live wallpapers is all i use on my phone!
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:2nd Jun 2012
Great, thanks Deana.

We are hoping to start testing in early August, i'll post more details here as they come. It will be great to get some feedback from our users and, of course, we will give you the premium app as a thank you for helping.

Regards, Jay
ajrfarias says:25th Jun 2013
I have a smartphone Sony Xperia U Screen with 480 x 854 pixels, how do I adjust the videos from HD Video - Animated PRO Funds for this resolution? I did not find the option, some very good vpideos end up being cut by the screen. Thank you.

"Hi, i have the same resolution phone... It does not cut anything off... The app should do it automatically.
You have the phone in portrait mode?
Regards, Jay"

Yes, it is in portrait mode, I will send you two pictures I took of the screen, so you can see. I tried some option to change the screen, but not found. It exists in the free version? In landscape mode I can only see the preview before creating the screen saver, then no more.

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