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What HD Screensavers do you want next?

What HD Screensavers do you want next?

Written by Screenspro Team - 24/02/2011

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Hi, we would like to get some feedback on what kind of HD screensavers you want to see more of.... Video screensavers? Computer generated Screensavers? Nature screensavers? Any specific places or subjects?

We want to create a library that our customers really want to use, so let us know your ideas and we will try our best to get the screensavers online.

Thanks for your continued support, Jay.

Deana Russell
Deana Russell says:26th Jun 2012
I would love Nighttime sky with many stars like out where there is no lights but the stars in the sky! More forest scenes with nature sound. Running water with sound. Space scenes  :)
Smbjork says:19th Aug 2012
Any plans to add support for Nvidia surround or ATI eyefinity resolutions like 5760 X 1080 or better yet a few 5760 X 1200.
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:19th Aug 2012
Hi, for now, we will not be supporting those resolutions. No video camera can capture that high (yet) and the cost of creating CG at that size is too high.

We might look into 4K size (4096 x 3072), if and when it becomes a popular format.
Mike Keenan
Mike Keenan says:15th Sep 2012
hey jay,
I think some halloween/fall like themes are in need of being in the works. there are no good falling leaves savers out there, they're mostly cheesy. I could picture your live recordings of fall trees as a saver would be spectacular.
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:16th Sep 2012
Thanks Mike,
Yea, it's something we should do... Where i live (Portugal), it is pretty much Spring or Summer all year... Which is great, but makes it hard to film those sort of things. Time for a trip back home to England where you can guarantee wind, rain and snow :-)
S L says:17th Nov 2012
Hello, I hope you make a screensaver of a hifi vinyl turntable with good tone arm something like rega planar or dual 512
it will be good to have some to choose
thank s for your work
Steve Renae Lewandowski
Steve Renae Lewandowski says:28th Nov 2012
I'd like to see snow scene screen savers
Rogerdalejones says:6th Dec 2012
Like what is out there but could we have autumn leaves and snow falling for the holidays
Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor says:17th Nov 2013
Some Christmas related scenes would be nice.  :)
Philventuracci says:18th Dec 2013
We really enjoy the screensavers. It would be nice to have a few Holiday Themes. Gorgeous Xmas Tree, Winter wonderland, etc. Other holidays would also be nice …………….

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